Have You Heard Of These 9 ADHD Symptoms?

9 Symptoms of ADHD

Early ADHD Symptoms

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My ADHD symptoms started in childhood.  In my case, my parents took me to a doctor at age 7 and I was placed on medication.

However, after a few months, I was removed from the medication due to side effects.  Sadly, the issue was never addressed again despite my struggles.

This was a big mistake and I suffered the price until I was in my mid- 40s.  

At that point, it felt as if I was having a nervous breakdown and I was fighting daily to keep my head above water.9

9 ADHD Symptoms

If you think you have ADHD, you can read a more extensive list of ADHD symptoms listed in an article from MedicineNet HERE.  

These are  9 of the symptoms I struggle with:

  • Not Being Able To Sit Still
  • Poor Organizational Skills and procrastination
  • Not Completing Assignments or Tasks
  • Restlessness
  • Short Tempered and Easily Agitated
  • Interrupting Others
  • Forgetfulness
  • Not Being Able To Focus
  • Hyperfocusing

If you are struggling with wondering if you have ADHD or not,  you can watch this TED TALK, Failing at Normal:  An ADHD Success Story.

Jessica McAbee truly “gets” what having ADHD feels like.  From the first time I watched Jessica’s Ted Talk, it felt as if someone was inside my brain and finally understood me.

9 ADHD Adult Symptoms

How To Get Tested For ADHD

To accurately diagnose ADHD, you must be tested by a psychiatrist or therapist.  Despite taking online assessments, this is not a formal diagnosis.

In my case, the doctor had me take an extensive questionnaire and asked me several questions.   

After much discussion and reviewing the results of the test, I was told I was highly ADHD and was placed on medication.

What Is The Best Treatment For ADHD?

Medicine only is NOT the best treatment.  Dealing with ADHD takes a multifaceted approach.  One needs to learn other skills to treat this diagnosis.   

Learning about cognitive therapy has helped me a great deal.  Cognitive therapy focuses on the “now” of a situation and helps you distinguish between your own preconceived notions and what is actually taking place.

I am including some resources that I used and still refer to when I struggle.

Treating ADHD is a daily effort.  Not just by taking medication but also being aware of your behaviors and finding solutions for improvement.

The Takeaway

For example, I have learned to put up a mental “stop” sign when I feel my emotions starting to boil.  

When I am writing, learning and creating I have learned it is imperative to work in two-hour blocks of time.  Otherwise, I will enter into the “hyperfocus” mope and will be working for hours and not realize it. Hence, I will end up in tears of frustration without realizing what I have done.

Find out what behaviors work for you and reply in the comments below!  I would love to hear what works for you so we can learn from each other.  

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