Signs My Child Had ADHD

 ADHD Child

Oh, Oh, Sweet Child of Mine!

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I often wonder if the signs my child had ADHD started before he was delivered. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

From the time of delivery, I began to secretly wonder if what I experiencing was normal. 

My son was two weeks overdue and had no expectations of arriving soon.

He had a large head circumference which made labor quite difficult for me. It also made for difficult walking the last trimester of pregnancy.

After delivery, he was colicky, gassy, and appeared quite miserable.  Despite swaddling him, making sure he was fed, changed and loved tremendously.

But then again, isn’t this what babies do? 

Babysitting in my teenage years, I had yet to experience these behaviors and could only chalk these experiences to being a newborn.  

I quickly learned of remedies to help with the colic and gas.

Research mode had begun in order to understand this motor driven behavior.

This is the VERY first book I read about my son’s ADHD and gave me the first true insight of my son’s behavior.

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Bouncing Off The Bed (And Walls)

As Billy grew, so did his personality.  At first was fun and funny.

Over time, it became mentally exhausting.  It was clear there was one thing different about Billy that set him apart from other children.

Billy was driven by a constant motor in his brain that wouldn’t quit.

Being an early riser since childhood, I now tried to sleep in every chance I could get. 

However, Billy wanted no part of this. Our son would literally be bouncing off our bed in the early morning hours.  So much so, I was afraid he was going to get hurt.

So I forced myself up to start the day. 

Be Quiet!  Sit Still!

So it began – the quest to stimualte and quiet his mind.  We purchased numerous toys that were geared towards mental stimulation, changed his diet and experimanted wtih oils.

I had washed his mouth out with soap when he got too sassy.  We had spanked him and took away his toys.  We had taken away privileges when his behavior got out of hand.

We were following the therapists’ advice on how to discipline.

Yet, NOTHING WAS WORKING and I now felt like the ultimate failure as a parent. 

You Can’t Catch Me!

As time went on, our son was getting smarter and faster.  He had actually learned how to “outwit” us.  

My husband, who was ill, was using a cane and on oxygen. Bill would try to discipline Billy.

However, Billy had outsmarted his dad by running upstairs and under the bed.  

Billy was smart enough to know at this point he was faster than his father.  This became an increasing concern of mine due to safety.  

Shortly after this, we were at a family gathering where Billy felt no fear and put his face to a fire that was built. 

This was after he had jumped off a retaining wall while laughing.

I was embarrassed and concerned about Billy’s behavior.  Along with being agitated at the family remarks of what we needed to do better in order to control our child.

Something had to give.

Like A Bat Out of Hell

One particular Sunday we had taken our son to a local McDonald’s playground to let him run some of his energy out.

As we were leaving, Billy starting walking faster and faster. I picked up my pace and so did he. He jogged and so did I.  

My energy was no match for his.

Thank goodness a car stopped as he ran into the parking lot. 

This was the point I knew we had to try medication or he was going to get seriously hurt.

We now had to do what was best for our child and ignore the internal shame I felt of putting my son on medication.


The Good Parent

Part of being a good parent is knowing when to make a decision that is in the best interest of your child.  

Despite the controversial opinions of others, not all parents are against the stigma of putting their children on ADHD medication.

You can watch this video by Jessica McCabe of her thoughts on her mother putting her on ADHD medication. And why I agree.

Be forewarned: This became the start of when I started to part ways with others that gave their unwanted parenting advice to me. 

If we didn’t take the next step, our son was going to get hurt, or worse, possibley killed due to his actions.

The Next Steps

Adhering to the next steps was exhausting.  Waiting to visit the child psychologists can take several weeks.

The waiting was becoming more intense for all of us. Being at my wit’s end, I didn’t know how much more I could handle.

After several more weeks, our son was evaluated. I was ecstatic as I thought medicine would be prescribed at this point.

To my dismay, the psychologist stated her evaluation of Billy would be sent to our pediatrician IN A FEW WEEKS!!!

It would be a long 6-week wait in order to start this process.

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