How 300 Job Eliminations Exasperated My ADHD

A Thursday Like No Other

Thursday, September 7, 2018, started out routine like any other workday.  Having attended spinning at 5:45 a.m. and then working on my blog, I headed to work.

As I entered the building, it caught my eye that instead of one security guard, there were four present today.

Sitting down at my desk to fire up my computer, another item caught my eye:  our division was shutting down in order to attend a mandatory company meeting at 9:00 a.m.

There were also flattened boxes in stacks that weren’t normal.

Employees started milling around and talking and then my ADHD brain started skyrocketing.

A Meeting Like No Other

As we attended the the meeting, I knew immediately this was not good.  This time, there was not the usual meeting hoopla, breakfast. Security guards and undercover police officers were sprinkled throughout.

Starting to recall little changes I had noticed in the past six months, I knew my gut had been right all along.

The CEO was shown via live stream and this time, he was not his usual laughing self.  Within 10 minutes, we were told the company was eliminating two divisions and going in another direction.  We were told to return to our desks and wait until 9:30 a.m. when you would receive an email if you were being terminated.

25 Minutes Like No

Filing back to our desks in silence, we were told until 9:30 a.m., it’s “business as usual and we have job to do”.   Stirrings started at 9:30 a.m. by the employees who had received the dreaded e-mail.

Watching the employees file upstairs, I start crying as I watched many of the co-workers I had grown fond of return upstairs to hear their shocking news.

Within 15 minutes, employees started returning back to their desks.  Outsourced maintenance workers started handing out the boxes that had been wheeled in.

Tears were shed as employees hugged one another.  Security guards walked around to make sure the environment was safe.

That day and the next, sheriff trucks were in the lot and security roamed the building throughout the day.

How 300 Job Eliminations Exasperated My ADHD Like No Other

Even though I wasn’t eliminated, since this happened I have been scatterbrained.  It’s hard to concentrate at work.  My mind goes blank on the phone.  Stress eating and drinking have  taken place.  Medicines were forgotten about.  Keys and phones have been lost.  Routines have been disrupted.

Our workload became unmanageable with staff cut in half.  Callers were upset, and rightly so.  Getting screamed at daily was  now the norm.

My boyfriend stated he hasn’t seen anyone upset like this when they were able to keep their job.  Emotions get heated for a few minutes and I realized we have to agree to disagree.

Here is why the 300 job eliminations exasperated my ADHD like they have:

  • After a terrible previous employment experience, it was important to me to have good co-workers.  Now, half are gone.
  • Working for a company that was rated one of the top 10 in Cincinnati to work for, I was fairly confident in the stability of the company and that is no longer true.
  • Once a fun place to work, now my work area feels like an “office war zone”.  It’s quiet and scary.
  • Entire departments were laid off that we needed to communicate with daily.
  • With entire departments being laid off, we are now going to have to be cross-trained and learn more processes and procedures that are beyond our scope due to entire areas of the company being eliminated.
  • In my area alone, the twelve of us left are doing work that it took twenty-five people to do.
  • Agents and customers are upset for valid reasons and it is our job to absorb their frustrations.
  • One of the things I admired the company for was being ethical.  What happened Thursday doesn’t feel like ethical behavior to me. 
  • Trust is gone.  Having made the decision to stay for now, there is no guarantee what the future will hold.

A Future Like No Other

Starting my career in my early 20’s,  I brought the farm values I grew up to the workplace.  Hard work and loyalty gained trust and respect.  With my previous employer, I had survived two layoffs.

Working on licenses, industry education and having an excellent work ethic took me far until I was 50.  Then, it all changed.   (More on that later.)

Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined going through the work situations that I have endured.

Starting over again at 53 with this new company was not a joy ride for me, but I made it work.  Growing to enjoy my work environment was personal for me.

Thinking I had found the perfect company to carry me through to retirement gave me confidence.

Now, all that has changed.

What does my future hold?  Truth is, none of us really know.  Two years ago, I looked into blogging.  Many others have told me I should write a book, so blogging was my start.

Realizing it takes a lot of time and hard work to blog, I started taking it more seriously this year.  Figuring it will take about 5 years before I see any “real” success, coupled with wanting to work from home, my 5 year plan would fit my plans perfectly.  Again, all that has changed.

My New Normal Like No Other

For now, I need to fight to not let anxiety and depression take over and undo all the hard work I have done.  For my mental clarity, I need to not let what happened last week disrupt my routine more than it already has.

Getting back to routine and self-care is a MUST!  My body is still recovering from the unhealthy habits of last week.  Yesterday, we went to see the new movie Peppermint to get my mind off things. (I HIGHLY recommend you go see it!!)  That was a start to not let my mind start ruminating.

Today, I am food prepping for the week.  Getting my clothes ready for the week.  Still getting up early for Pilates in the morning.

I the end, no matter what happens, I am going to be ok.  I have endured much worse than this.  I am a fighter and a survivor.

Have you encountered a layoff or an unpleasant job loss?  Please share your story.

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