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How many mornings have you woken up exhausted from surviving the night before?  You know what you needed to do to make the morning transition go smoother, but you procrastinated – again.

You want to make your morning go smoother, but you are to exhausted.  At night, all you want to do is get the kids to bed so you can go to bed yourself.  

Then it all starts again the next morning.  You hit the snooze on the alarm, despite having every intention of waking up early to start what you intended to start the night before.  

Instead of having some quiet time to yourself as you anticipated, you lay in bed, dreading to get up and start another day.

You grunt in frustration at having to get up and beat yourself up of not following the routine you had such good intentions of the day before.

I get it.  I really do.  But at some point, you realize something needs to change but you don’t know where to start.

Enter – Make Over Your Evenings by Crystal Paine!


When I watched Crystal discuss the steps needed to be intentional about your mornings, I became inspired.  Did I have an idea of what I needed to do? Yes – but there is something about having someone hold your hand, guide you through the process and cheer you on that makes all the difference!

I felt as if Crystal was there cheering me each night!   As time when on, I found myself actually sticking to the routine most nights!  And I felt so much more accomplished and less stressed when I went to bed.


After I took Crystal’s course, here is what I did to start simplifying my mornings:

  • As soon as I got home, I took 10 minutes to tidy up the the kitchen.  (Do I WANT to do this? NO! But I hate the feeling of not taking action more.)
  • Meal prepping for dinner on the weekends is crucial! The Cosori Instapot has become my best friend! You can read my blog post on how the Instapot has been a game changer for me HERE
  • I purchased this new lunch bag and it has made all the difference!  When packing lunches and snacks, I HATE not only having to find a food container, but finding the matching lid in my cupboard!  So many mornings, I would toss the container in frustration and just buy lunch. Having one lunch bag that contains all the essentials has made all the difference for me! (And I have received several positive comments as well!)
  • Laying out clothes, my work clothes and gym clothes the night before is essential to a successful morning.  
  • I made a designated “command center” for all backpacks, shoes, keys and make sure everything is ready the night before.
  • I make sure I have any medications that are needed in my purse.
  • I make a concentrated effort to not zone out in front of Netflix until ALL of my evening routine and items are done.  This includes making myself make time to work on my blog and blogging related items before any binge watching.
  • I take 10-15 minutes before my “free time” to stretch on the floor and do some floor exercises.  Working at a desk all day for my day job, I NEED to stretch and unwind!

As much as I don’t feel like prepping the night before, I remind myself it is CRUCIAL for morning success!

It is not worth the stress and how I will feel the rest of the day by not being prepared.  I actually like the feeling of having an “edge” on the day and find I am in a better mood the rest of the day.

If you purchase the Make Over Your Evenings course, please let me know what you thought and what changes you made in your evening routine that proved to be successful to you!

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