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Muscle Pump

As I have gotten older, especially in my mid-fifties, the body has changed.  My lower back now has severe lumbar strain and am now limited in how long I can do certain activities.   Last year, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia from the years of stress I have encountered.  Losing estrogen and not being able to take hormones has wreaked havoc on my already sensitive digestive system.  Not weighing what I used to, I am on a yo-yo with the scale, even on Weight Watchers.  Losing weight is nowhere near as easy as it used to be.  Seeing the age is my face.

At first, I told myself this is what happens when you get older and there is nothing you can do.  But as I have started to be more honest with myself, I realize that yes – there are things that happen to the body as we age that we can’t change.  And then I realized my behaviors played a bigger role than I realized.  Decreasing exercise, not drinking enough water, not tracking food liked I used to, and drinking more wine than is recommended, also plays a part.


Recently I saw someone from my past and was stunned at what I saw.  Just a few years ago, this person was middle aged, thin, vibrant, an office dynamo.  Clearly, ageing, or disease, had taken over her body and it stirred something in me.  Having been blessed with good health all my life, maybe I have started to take my excellent health for granted and have fallen into the ageing woman mentality.

With having a desk job and sitting all day, I do walk at lunchtime.   As I have aged, this isn’t good enough anymore.  Last year, I started attending one weekend exercise class for my back and to fight winter depression.  It helps some.  But I know I need more and tell myself I need to sleep in the mornings more than going to the gym in the mornings like I *used* to.  A few months ago, I joined a gym that is right on my way to work that is convenient to stop at on my way to work.  This month, another Muscle Pump class was added on Wednesday mornings at 6:00.

Putting on my music and exercise lifts my spirit.  The issue is getting outside of my own head and getting there.  How about you? What are you experiences with ageing and menopause?  I would love to hear of other people’s experiences and how they are coping.


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