three reasons to make a summer bucket list

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I attend an exercise strength class every Saturday morning. Groaning as I warmed up for the class I noticed the music choice was different today.  At first, the music got on my nerves. It wasn’t the usual fast-paced, “motivate me to move” music.

However, as I started listening to the musical Grease that was playing, I fondly remembered Danny and Sandy and their quest for each other.

Remember the scene where Sandy was dressed to kill in her black leather outfit in order to entice Danny? As the class went on, other summer songs came on during our class and it got me pumped for summer!

My Favorite Season

Summer is my absolute FAVORITE season! Feeling the warmth of the sun on my face instantly relaxes me. I adore laying out in the sun, having a cocktail and reading a good book!

The past few summers, I was consumed with studying and personal issues with family members. Regretfully, the summers had passed by me quickly without me enjoying them.

Needless to say, I NEEDED to create my first Summer Bucket List!

three reasons to make a summer bucket list


There are two items that aren’t officially summer items. Nonetheless, they are important items for me to complete this year.

Here are my three reasons I decided to create my Summer Bucket List:

  • I am not getting any younger. (I just turned 55 in January!)  This is the season of life to be enjoying some of the things I have put off in past years!
  • I am tired of the same mundane summer activities. As much as I love summer, I need to start trying new summer activities.  Year after year, there are new things I plan on trying but never do.
  • The Summer Bucket List will give me something to look forward to!


Without further ado, here is my Summer Bucket List for 2019!

  • Visit The Peach Truck again!  I found out about this amazing gem of a farm two years ago and have fallen in LOVE, LOVE with their homemade peaches they deliver on their tour!  Click on the link above to read about my visit to The Peach Truck!
  • Visit The Biltmore for Christmas Nights.  I know this isn’t a summer activity but since we have visited The Biltmore twice, we now want to attend the Christmas Nights exhibit.  I love The Biltmore Estate and you can read about our summer visit last year by clicking on the link above.
  • Making Resin Jewelry – using the petals from my roses and other flowers.  I ran across this idea on Pinterest recently and fell in love with the idea.
  • Use My Wine Bottle Cutter – I purchased wine bottle cutter a few years ago for some nifty craft ideas for all of the empty wine bottles I have, but never go around to it!
  • The Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati  – For years, I have wanted to walk with someone in this event, but no one has been interested.  This year, I found a coworker that signed up to walk 4 of the events this year.
  • Get Back To Reading Books – I used to read and haven’t completed a book in quite some time.  I enjoy thrillers and Lisa Gardner is right up my alley. She has a new book out called Dead End Girl that I am adding to my summer reading list.
  • Visit The Vinoklet Winery in Cincinnati.  This winery is 10 minutes from where I live. Every summer I have the intention of visiting this unique winery.
  • Visit Savannah Georgia.  During our visits to Hilton Head Island, we have always wanted to visit this amazing town. This year, we are going to visit Savannah Georgia before we arrive in Hilton Head! (Maybe this would be a good time to add reading Midnight In The Garden of Good and Evil to my summer reading list!)
  • Visit a local farm to pick your own fruit.


Here are some ideas to help get you summer inspired from the Jane Boutique!

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