The Remote Control – What Buttons Are You Pushing?

www.mytenaciouslife.comI realized how much  the remote control resembles our lives when attending a support group.  It was then I realized how our thoughts and behaviors mimic a remote control – Rewind, Fast Forward, Pause.  How much control do these buttons have in your life?  They have a lot of control in my life.  Having gotten better over the years, I still struggle.  Once I made this realization, it became easier for me to decipher what stage I am at in any given day, since each day is different, and how to proceed.

One day, I am confident in my own skin and I stay in Play mode.  Other days, someone can say an innocent comment and the Rewind button starts and I am transcended back in time, drudging up memories and stuck.  This is where I have been lately while facing some challenges – stuck in Rewind mode.  Being my own unique person, I realize I come with my own set of challenges.  Some good, some bad and I don’t fit into the “norm” and this has sent my ADHD brain into overdrive lately.  Reliving not being good enough, smart enough or detailed enough.  Not being corporate enough.  Just not ever being..enough.

How To Change The Remote Control

What I have realized is that I need to keep my mind busy.  Whether it’s forcing myself to take the dog for a walk, to keep attending my Saturday morning workout routine, working on my crafts or writing, I have to take it one day, one hour and minute at a time.  Staying listless makes my mind numb and leads to depression for me.  When I am looking for motivation I search You Tube.  Les Brown is very motivating for keeping up the tenaciousness in life.  Recently I discovered Jessica McCabe when I saw this Ted Talk video.  For the first time in my life, I felt understood.  How feeling like a failure is normal.  Watching her You Tube videos have decreased my ADHD anxiety and is helping me learn about my brain.

Writing down a list of my strengths and personality traits shed new light on how I view myself.  I made a pact today with myself that just for 7 days, I will remember the traits on this list when doubt, fear and failure mindsets start to take hold.  Reminding myself of what I have accomplished in life starts to ground me again and I can feel the Rewind button coming to a stop.

How Do You Stay In Control?

I would like to hear how you manage to stay in control of your emotions.  Still fighting the past demons in my head daily, I am making a concentrated effort to stop letting these demons back into my head. For now, I want to stay in the present and pave the way for living more days anxiety free.  Please share what works for you.  I would love to hear!


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